25,000 Patriots

I’ve enjoyed following so many wonderful poets on WordPress, and I thought I might share a poem I wrote some time ago. Here is what a nice glass of  RED wine, creative writing course deadline, and sitting in a week long TAPS (Transition Assistance Program) briefing produces.

A bit of background: at this point, I was contemplating my retirement, fortunately,  I had a choice, but many who surrounded me were unsure if they had a choice–budget cuts you know. Some embraced the opportunity, while others approached the idea with trepidation–I just want to say cheers to all of you! You were missed, and I am sure you’re still missed! No matter, I know many of you are out there conquering a new world. 



25,000 Patriots

I raised my right hand faithfully, I, with honor
and promises to defend this nation
no hesitation, to obey the orders appointed,
faith in my leaders and in my country.

How I have been a good wingman
and never left my fellow comrade behind
nor my nation who sits above the rest,
I have born true allegiance.

Yet shapes must change as with the force
No room for 25,000 patriots,
Who honored and bled that others were free,
Without odds in their favor, the games begin,
and with the wink of a pen,
set them into the wild, stripped of their patriot wings. ©

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