52 Weeks of Thankfulness: Week 9, Accepting My Bowl of Rice

Cheers to another “52 Weeks of Thankfulness” at Haddon’s MusingsThis week I’m paying tribute to simple bowls of rice. While it’s a basic staple in many diets throughout the world, I must admit these days it represents more than food for me. I’m ashamed to admit as a young child I despised rice. Growing up Asain-American, my mom always served it, typically with a boiled egg and long green beans–nothing I mean nothing, could have left me more unsatisfied. 


I did not understand food was different around the world, that in fact, my mother’s food was natural and a lot healthier than the prepackaged food I longed for.  It was during school lunches that I enjoyed the simple American fare. It consisted of the four basic food groups my teachers encouraged, and I assumed their position made them more of an authoritarian than my mother. 

One day, I advised my mom we kids should have a variety of foods, and I proclaimed my right to a box of Kraft “mac”:

“Why do we have to eat rice EVERDAY? All the other kids get to have macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets. Why do we eat rice every day?”

Would you like to know how that panned out? 

We still ate rice. But eventually we had Kraft mac-n-cheese with tuna, soon enough chicken nuggets were served, even canned corn. Our diet opened up to various American pantry staples. In some small way, I felt I won. 

Years later I entered the service, and wouldn’t you know it…my second assignment was Japan. I’m sure my mother laughed; she knew my life would be all things rice. Yet I never heard much about it until the day of my Air Force retirement ceremony. As the Asian Pacific American Islander Heritage Committee thanked me for my commitment and continued education–my mother exclaimed, very loud amongst a group of people who ONLY knew my passion for bringing Thai Curry and rice to potlucks:

“Yeah Shalon (my mom cannot say Sharon) no like rice. I so, so glad she join Air Force and travel. Now she like rice–it’s good.” 


Clearly, my mom could not hide her glee that Shalon finally accepted her bowl of rice. To be honest, we all have bowls of rice to accept. Sometimes it’s about opening more than prepackaged conveniences. We can’t all travel the world, but we can try a learn about the world through those individuals sitting closest to us. 




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24 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Thankfulness: Week 9, Accepting My Bowl of Rice

  1. This reminds me of my mom also, except I was bored of having fresh fish for every dinner. Now that I’ve been in US for 40 years, I don’t know when was the last time I had fresh fish, perhaps in a Chinese restaurant. Now I appreciate my mom cooking fish. I like Thai curry rice.
    I signed up for 52 weeks Thankfulness. After you signed up, did you get something in you email?

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      1. I do to keep me on track, but you don’t have to. In my first sentence I embed the link Haddon’s Musings and you should also use the image with two women, it should also have a link to her page. I think that’s how she see’s my post then shares. If that doesn’t work you could email her. I didn’t get an email right away, but I did send her a message. She just said to link the post with the 52 Weeks Image. Feel free to just copy the links from mine. 😊

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    1. Thank you Eliza! I really like this one too. It really takes me a certain “mind-set” to write meaningful post. It’s true when writing we walk into our own little world, and it’s hard for me to find my own little closet with the hustle and bustle of my home. 🙂

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