Blogger Recognition Award

Hello everyone! I was nominated by Cheri at Joyously Hopeful for the “Blogger Recognition Award.”  First, thank you Cheri! I am sorry it took so long to accept the award. You are so kind to have taken the time to nominate me…thank you from the bottom of my heart.


And for my amazing readers, I promise Cheri’s blog is one you will want to read and follow.  I am in awe of her abilities to stay “purposely and joyously hopeful,” especially when life has delved her so many challenges. Instead of letting life’s prickles break her, she has responded by sharing her thoughts on parenting children on the autism spectrum as well as being an advocate for suicide prevention where she is a voice for eliminating stigmas associated with mental illness–all this so she might help others.

Cheri says it best:

“My name is Cheri. I am a Christian. I am also someone’s daughter, the mother of four and the grandmother to one beautiful little girl.  I am an autism advocate,  part-time chauffeur, cook, maid, and nurse for the two special children that still reside at home. I am a hobbyist gardener, crafter, seamstress, and photographer. Dare I  say I am also a writer who is no longer afraid to share the story she survived. Welcome to my joyously hopeful blog.”

So what are you waiting for…go check out her blog! Remember, if you are not a WordPress user you can always follow her site via email. 😉

But wait…I have to follow the rules. So please read below and then check out Cheri’s blog.


The Rules:

Thank the awesome nominator and give a like to their blog(s)

Write a post about this award

Tell everyone a short bit on why you started your website

Give two small pieces of advice for other bloggers

Nominate a maximum of 15 bloggers

Tell those bloggers you nominated them via comment!


The brief story how my blog started:

Here’s a short piece from my about page:

Naturally, like any mother, we have a lot to say about our world and our personal experiences. And so I decided to start this blog. I hope it becomes tips to leadership growth and words of encouragement for everyone. Sometimes you’ll hear from the mommyship side, and on other occasions, I’ll speak from a leadership perspective. And in some instances, you’ll hear from both sides; after all, many of us are both parents and leaders.

And I am very passionate about positivity and inspiration, and I do try to lean my blog towards this platform. Like most, I have had many challenges–and I may gripe behind this screen ( I am human!). BUT, I truly feel that flexibility and determination have greatly influenced my life. It’s like being on a ship: you have to set your destination, plan your course of action, and always seek joy in the journey.

My Advice to new bloggers:

  1. Passion–Be passionate about the content you blog. If you are not then how can your readers be passionate about what they’re reading?
  2. Be Proficient: Perhaps your teacher said–I need you to follow this one point– and it becomes a “marathon” point–meaning a huge list of ideas? Yes, I am going that route too. One of my favorite bloggers is Amitav Chowdhury who often shares his poetic and philosophical thoughts on this journey we call life.  On occasion, he shares blogging thoughts…so here is a link I encourage you to read: “10 Blogging Etiquette”. 


I am nominating anyone who has not received this award just yet and would like the opportunity to provide insight into their blog and tips to blogging. I apologize for not nominating individuals…I hope you all understand. 🙂

If you DO accept the award. Let me know and I will add your link under the nomination section. How does that work? 😉



33 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Congratulations! A deserving award for you, sharing brilliant perspectives about various facets of life. I love the balanced approach that you bring in every story you share; allows me to ponder and look at life with patience. You are an inspiration and will always be. I wish you the best, always!

    Thank you so much for nominating me, and thankful for your encouraging and kind words. You always patiently read my words. I hope to continue sharing my thoughts and perspectives of this journey.

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    1. Always Amitav! Your words are a privilege to read and I enjoy the intensity and passion you bring to your work. I know these are reflections of you, but I can relate to so many of your thoughts. I don’t always understand, but I do try. Besides, poetry’s not meant to be understood so easily–what fun would that be? Yes, I hope you can continue sharing your thoughts, and I hope you’re doing well and that you’re making progress in the publication arena. Wishing you the best, soon I’ll say…well I knew him when he blogged. 😉

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    1. I’m not sure why I cannot hit reply on your response question. Yes time is a factor, and I understand. All you have to do, should you have time, is follow the prompts under the rules. But no worries at all if you cannot or even postpone for rainy day. 🙂

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  2. Hi Sharon, congratulations for your award. It’s exciting. Now I need to say that I have problem with my site. Many people couldn’t reach me –

    I need to ask for a favor.

    If you have no trouble opening my site or you’re not following me, you can ignore this message.

    My old site is dead, the new link is

    You may have to click the new link and FOLLOW my new site again in order to see me show up in your Reader.

    Sorry for the trouble. Thank you, Miriam

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      1. I got the answer from WP, I could pay to have my old site redirected to my new site. But I deleted my old site from my site list, so I have nothing to work with yet. I sent them another email, waiting for the answer. But the gravatar… let me look at it again. Thank you!

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