Simple Hellos!: 52 Weeks of Thankfulness, Week 20

I was just thinking how nice it is to receive a simple hello, a warm and genuine “Hey there!” And yes I’ll say hey since it’s the go to greeting in Georgia, my home state. Here you’ll receive a lot of “Hey ya’lls” and Watchya been up to?” I’ve lived in a lot of different places and feel it’s not only fun,  but rewarding to learn the many ways to say hello. Simple greetings are always something to be thankful for, and I for one am truly grateful this guy greeted my family with a smile. I cannot help but pass his energy along.

Image taken by my daughter. Pretty cool right?

How do you say hello where your from? I would love to learn something new, so please share if you have time. Wishing you all well and many smiles to brighten your day.


Please accept this as my weekly offering for “52 Weeks of Thankfulness” at Haddon’s Musings.

36 thoughts on “Simple Hellos!: 52 Weeks of Thankfulness, Week 20

  1. Hey y’all, a quick wave, a real hug (I don’t do tush out hugs😉), or an arm embrace hug with an air kiss on each cheek, left to right. It depends on the relationship, setting, and cultural environment. I loved reflecting on this! Thank you for sharing such a fun picture from your daughter!

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    1. Lol. I can relate. So my mother is from Thailand, my dad from the states and I grew up in GA. Since I live out West many people assume I am from California since they have a large American Asian community. For example, I took my four year old to the dentist the other day and they overheard my family and I am off to GA, but assumed we were moving. To which I stated just a visit. They commented I had no Southern accent–and well I had to throw my accent into the conversation, which floored the girls. Lol.

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      1. I love a good Southern accent! I have nieces in Texas and I could just sit and listen to them talk. It is funny because their husbands say that we in the Midwest have an accent and I am quite sure we do not LOL.

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      2. I don’t notice so much from the Midwest, but up North I do detect a bit of speaking through the nose is what I call it. I say this respectfully to any who are from the North. I do love the New Jersey accent. That I could listen to all day.

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  2. Here where I’m from in TX it’s always “Hey” and “Hey, y’all”, and hugs all around, both coming and leaving. We even get hugs and heys from the employees at the grocery store. 🙂

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  3. What a cute picture! That fellow has to make you smile! I’ve lived in Vegas most of my life. Nothing fancy this way. Just a hi or hello, but I’ll take your Georgia style hello any day. 🙂​

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    1. Thank you! Yes my daughter had a year of photography at school and does take some pretty impressive shots. Still it’s hard to snap nice shots of animals and this guy just posed away. And yes…feel free to adopt the Georgia heys!


  4. Here in Texas it’s hi ya’ll all the way. When it comes to me, I accompany the y’all with a big hug from my East African roots. And if you wanna learn that in my native language, it’s olyota for singular or mulimuta for plural and on… 😁

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    1. Thank you for the wonderful compliment Amitav! I do try and share positive thoughts. We all have plenty of negatives to read in this world. I hope you’re doing well with your publication and transition. And I did have a fantastic day…thank you! Wishing you nice thoughts!

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      1. You’re Welcome! 🙂 I am doing well, Sharon. Quite settled after moving to the new city and yes, started sending out some manuscripts, many more to go. It’s a slow process. Thank you for your wishes and the encouragement.

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