Why Network Marketing isn’t for Me!

I realize this isn’t my typical post, but it’s a statement I’ve been meaning to discuss for some time. This morning I thought, why not finish? If you consider the flood of network marketing on any Facebook news feed and subtle invitations from friends…why not discuss my own experience?


First, if you are in the field of network marketing, please do not take my thoughts personally, and if you are aspiring to the field of network marketing, by all means, push forward and claim your sales. My message simply shares why network marketing is not for me. I believe each person should make their own decisions via their own experiences. These are only my reasons I discovered through my brief time as a Legal Shield Associate.

Let me say, I love what this company offers. Buying into their pre-legal package affords me legal advice for times I might need legal services. I like the idea of having a team of lawyers with various specialties, depending on my situation. I absolutely enjoy access to the service. Specifically when discovering our camper trailer’s roof was torn off during a recent monsoon.  Short version, two months of waiting for an insurance company to respond to our claim left us not so happy campers. frog-160242_1280.pngThe entire matter was compounded with the discovery that our insurance company was identified as an affiliate of Wells Fargos scams. Seriously, this left my husband and me in gloomy camper mode. Yet, I must admit a ray of sunshine gleamed through when a lawyer returned my call with an action plan in hand at no additional cost. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have prepaid Legal’s services. BUT!!! It’s not enough to rush my testimonial into a sale’s pitch, and here are my three reasons why:


  1. I don’t like the idea of selling to family and friends. Network marketing is about approaching your contacts by exposing a product I was really unsure about. Let’s face it. I am not an expert in how the process works. Limitations do exist and unless I experienced the matter first hand, or had extensive training, I simply did not have all the answers for various stipulations. Could I have found out the answers? I believe so, but discovering I lacked preparation through my minimal attempts to sell was frustrating. The entire process to buy into the product, then turn right around and sell the product is a bit absurd. Which is my second reason.
  2. I am an educator, and I believe in educating others. If you follow my blog you know I’m retired Air Force and have taught leadership principles in my career. Sending an ill prepared salesperson into their own network to pitch ideas, with minimal training, really goes against my core beliefs of preparing others for success. I have a passion for my scope in education. I am addicted to teaching my college students, and I learned quite frankly, I am not addicted to selling legal packages.
  3.  Finally, I really do not have the passion for sales. I just don’t have the energy for this sort of work. Whether it’s makeup, laundry detergent, or kitchen items–the list goes on–and I hope you get my meaning. Truth is, I just simply am not into this concept of sales: period!

So these are a few thoughts, and I won’t be investing my time in Network Marketing.  I am just not into this sort of business that gleams at the idea of my private social network for sales-yes, just press past me!


Network marketing is simply not my game, and I leave you with a bit of advice from your own discourse:

“If you have to repeatedly chase after someone when you have a great opportunity, don’t bother, if they aren’t responsive, they aren’t the type of person who’ll succeed at it anyway.” 
― Rob Liano

My shade of success shines differently, and we must all find our paths of success. I do, however, wish you the best on your climb into network marketing. Just keep in mind…not everyone wants to climb your ladder.  🙂 

How about the rest of you? How do you feel about network marketing? Love it, hate it? I am curious how others view the network marketing concept. Want to talk success? Check out “Crave the Day: Where are you Traveling?” While we’re all partaking in different journeys, we should all be traveling somewhere.

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19 thoughts on “Why Network Marketing isn’t for Me!

  1. I don’t like doing the chasing my friends and family down. I don’t like it when they do it to me, although I have helped all of them out at one time or another with a network purchase. I was in sales, I trained sales people but the sales I did were the kind where people were coming in to purchase a product. So, I feel it’s a bit different. Even being in sales, I didn’t like network stuff :):)

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    1. I’m so glad you bring this point up: sales varies. My brother mentioned that he always educates people and that’s really what you want to do in sales. I think a difference exists for a company that has an office where the customers seek the product versus the network marketing angle. I felt pretty tiny reaching out to friends, especially considering what I use to do in the military. Honestly, it’s horrible but I had hoped for a tax break which was the reason I went along with agreeing to the idea. The promise of residual money is what provokes people, but in my situation…I, do, already have a reoccurring income from my service. So that was not a highlight or need for me. Anyways, simply, I am very energetic about higher education. I talk to anybody who will listen–even when I am the customer! But I agree with you…the two types of sales are entirely different and viewed very different by society as a whole.

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    1. Thank you for reading. Yes I imagine many might disagree with my points. My message may not be taken well by some people and that’s okay. But it is a good lesson for those trying to persuade friends and family into the business…not everyone will share that interest. Accept and move on to those who like the business. Thanks again for stopping by!😊

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      1. Hi Sharon. I have Twitter account (@mohamadkarbi). To be honest, I never follow family on Twitter. I just have it to keep updated with technology / accounting news and WordPress friends. I also post my general ideas there. So, whenever a tweet isn’t enough, a WordPress post completes it. So, it make sense to post my WordPress posts’ links into Twitter cause it’s non-family account. Same is for Facebook. The main facebook is for family. I created a FB page for my blog. I post with no fear that I’m bothering any of my family. I know those who are following my Twitter account or Facebook page are interesting in my posts and I’m not bothering or forcing any to read them!

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      2. That’s great advice Mohamad. I’ve had my feed pushing to my personal Facebook and LinkedIn depending on applicable posts for the community. But your advice makes sense and I will follow you on those medias once I set up an account. I’d like to see how it works. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain these details. I really appreciate it!

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    1. That’s so true, you cannot tell these days with some items. This one I mention does work though…we are blessed to have the camper trailer back after the hoopla with the insurance company. Honestly, the lawyer I dealt with simply gave me advice on what actions I could begin on my own. I told my husband if it doesn’t work we are getting rid of them. But I knew they were reputable as my husband’s companies also uses this type of service if their employees want to purchase at a discounted rate. But I agree, I like keeping work separate from family. But if I owned a restaurant I hope they might come eat. Lol.


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