Crave the Day: Have Goals? Get Uncomfortable!

Have you ever admired an athlete from afar? When I say admire, I mean truly consider the time and dedication he’s spent in training. A college athlete does not become collegiate simply by training the season prior.  Most likely he’s spent years mastering his skills and winning the smallest competitions to prepare for his big day.


Why should the attainability of our goals be any different? We, too, must learn, grow, study, and win in the smallest areas to ultimately reach our goals–even on days we prefer to just sit this one out. Trust me, this habit does not come easily. If you want to reach your goals: you must embrace the discomforts of achievement.

Ouch that stung. If not, you’re probably aware of the concept. If so, buckle up because you just might receive a few more jolts while reading this blog. Actually, let me send another prick your way:In order to attain the impossible, one must attempt the absurd. - Miguel de Cervantes

Point well made? 🙂 I mean this lesson with utmost sincerity: reaching goals–our definitions of success– means embracing discomfort.

I remember the young lady who cleared me out of my unit upon my retirement. She asked me how I managed to have a full time career, with family, while attending school. Little did she know, I was at the utter stage of exhaustion; seriously, I was crawling to the “retirement from the Air Force” finish line. Let me say I was shouting for a retirement anchor to plant me into one spot–OH HERE I AM! SIGN ME OUT STAT PLEASSSSEEEEE!

I loved my career very much; however, it was time for a new adventure and so I was “neck dip” in pursuing my English MA. I was not about to “blindly” transition from the Air Force without the “skills” to pursue my second passion–meaning I had better get my degree finished! Did I mention my husband was deployed during my final few months in the Air Force. So YES, full time career, children, husband gone (he made it back a week before my ceremony!), and my graduate degree required completion! Just throw me an anchor guys!!! THIS WAS ABSURD TO THINK I COULD ACCOMPLISH ALL THIS!!!

Yet…I had faith that I might attain the impossible. It was uncomfortable–VERY!  On many occasions, I couldn’t keep my brain alert into the late evenings. I often decided to turn in early, but wake by 3AM to stay afloat on class assignments. All these images of my journey flashed before me as I considered her question: how? I simply responded: “I decided long ago that I am going to accept being uncomfortable to reach my goals. For me, it was worth the “temporary” discomfort.” 

Trust me. I am no different than you. I did not have magical powers that allowed me to reach my goals. I simply moved forward as an athlete accepts their need to train hard. This does not have to be my story; truly, it can be your story. I encourage you to fight off the comforts of being comfortable and accept this simple fact: attaining goals means being uncomfortable. So my fellow hiker, I ask you one final question: how will you crave the day?Life Prickles

Hiker Crave the Day

About this series: During my career, mentoring and helping others reach their goals was a part of my responsibility. Upon my retirement, I began interacting with many people who felt their ambitions were not tangible–goals such as earning a college degree and landing a dream job. Additionally, I was surprised at the notion of failure that prevented these individuals from even trying and so this series is dedicated to travelers who may lack a travel guide. I hope my experiences will encourage you to never give up on yourself. If you’re looking for a virtual hiking companion– a chit chat on craving the day–then join me. Let’s talk your ideas of success. I’ll be sharing my experiences with you, and I invite you to join in with your own tips for success. Happy, safe traveling, and remember…the joy truly is in the journey!

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26 thoughts on “Crave the Day: Have Goals? Get Uncomfortable!

  1. It is so true of what you said in this post. We have potentials, we have the brain power, we need more confidence and trust in ourselves and take the leap of faith. When I went for my fourth MA to meet the requirement of the permanent administrative credential, it turned into a doctorate program. By going for 3 years instead of 4, plus doing he dissertation, I got my doctorate and the credential. It felt like crazy at the time, but I was glad that I did it. Yes, I was working full time, stayed up until 2 a.m. every day. My husband watched TV using remote headphone. I was even in the middle of a court custody battle. I couldn’t believe I pulled it through! Continue with your series! More people need that encouragement!

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    1. Thank you Miriam, and I am so glad you shared your story. Your thoughts reinforces the idea that reaching our goals often means feeling a but of discomfort. Life will happen and we certainly want to be there for our families. However, through hard work we can accomplish our goals too. Thank you for the encouragement on continuing this series. 🙂

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      1. Hi Sharon, I gave more thought about hosting the Thankfulness event. Knowing that I’ll be the new grandma in less than 2 months, and I already schedule to help my daughter a couple months after the baby is born. I may not be on the computer as much. My husband also wants to take more trips now that he is retired. So my schedule is not reliable in the future. In sight of that, I would like you to host the event. Of course I’ll participate. I hope it’s okay with you!

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  2. Hey sharon, it is a very intricate post, yes it is very uncomfortable, but, i believe as we keep doing it on and on, anything be it sports, studies, or our goals, the discomfort slowly fades away, as we reach closer to our goals, what do you say?

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    1. I agree. I think because it’s our passion we are exhausted–at times–but then we love it too much to care. Honestly, if I sat idle a never pursued a degree I wonder if I might have been bored out of my mind. And for health reasons it’s always good to take a break. Like today I will take it easy, but tomorrow I’ll work hard again. So we want to keep these goals as positive stress which encourages us to accomplish our goals–as we get closer, we’re too excited to not pass the finish line. I use the term discomfort and uncomfortable for many who fear being pushed. They do not know how they will include higher education in their lives for example, but they can. It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but they can. That’s a great question! How do you motivate yourself?

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      1. Yes, I perfectly understand what you say, it is right, that there is discomfort, a lot of discomfort, I feel it happens whenever we take up anything new, our body and mind has to learn it, but, I also believe that, it starts going away, the more we learn and master it. Yes, the discomforts are Truly annoying.

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  3. Great post and reminder that achieving goals is hard work. I think when we set the bar high (but not impossible), we also have to take setbacks and failures in stride. They too are part of the journey. Michael Jordan didn’t win every basketball game, and even Tolkien had rejections and one-star reviews. 😀

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    1. Yes so true! Just assess the game and get back in their and play. Setbacks are normal. And of course goals need to be achievable and realistic. I am just not going to be the next American Idol. Lol. I can sing alright, but I am certainly not amazing. Thank you for visiting. I hope you are doing well this summer. 🙂

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