International Women’s Day: Let’s Help Each Other Soar!

Greetings followers! I wanted to share my thoughts on International Women’s Day as I have read so many discouraging comments regarding this celebration. If you have a minute please read and also take a look at my blog post’s ending. I had no idea when I wrote my final comments that it would become a much-needed thought for today. Basically, if we are women who have commanded a certain stature in life, able to meet our dreams, let’s go about helping others do the same and be an example to live by rather than gloat on our accomplishments.

After all, It’s International Women’s Day! And it’s no surprise some people are upset about the day and have made it very evident on Facebook–and some openly admit to knowing nothing about the day, but criticized it anyway–ignorance is not bliss folks! In a snapshot, it’s a day that celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievement of women AROUND THE GLOBE.

If you are a woman in the US who finds this celebration unnecessary because we live in a country where we are very much encouraged in so many ways, I ask you to consider honoring the women alive today who have worked very hard to help the rest of us get to where we are.

The world is not perfect and not all women can simply jump right in with the guys. Um… not all countries share our beliefs–why don’t you take a minute and discover what an honor crime is. And if you know what it is, then shame on you if you denounced this day.



Fridays are Feminist Friday on Haddon’s Musings; although, I do not claim the title of feminist, I do advocate women are strong. I raise my daughter to be strong and competent, and kind.  I believe a balance amongst these three traits is essential. I will also agree, during times of necessity, one trait should be displayed more than others due to the given situation. Wouldn’t you agree? 

I would like to bet Kate Chopin might concede with me, at least I would like to think she would. In 1899, she published The Awakening, a scandalous book (deemed so in the 19th Century) that portrays the life of Edna Pontellier who test the boundaries of womanhood in accordance to a misogynistic society.  I am thankful for Kate Chopin and her advocacies in The Awakening.  And I am also thankful for the bond that women hold amongst each other as well as…

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2 thoughts on “International Women’s Day: Let’s Help Each Other Soar!

  1. An important day to acknowledge women’s accomplishments and to encourage the young women and little girls to fly as high as they are capable of doing but it is very important to remember right now that our granddaughters should not be forced to fight the same battles for rights that their grandmothers won and may now lose.

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    1. Yes absolutely Bernadette. I am so glad you shared your thoughts here. Sometimes people are in the mindset that life is good for me, but they don’t see what others may face. I hope to remind people here. And I did rush this post as I was so disappointed to hear the negativity regarding this day and just wanted to share my thoughts soonest!

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